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Using Wedge Clamps Properly


Vadym Hordov

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December 3, 2021

For optimal performance and safety, it’s important to use every part and component of guarding safety equipment correctly.For optimal performance and safety, it’s important to use every part and component of guarding safety equipment correctly. A seemingly insignificant mistake could have horrible consequences. That includes something as small as a wedge clamp.

What Is a Wedge Lock Clamp?

This device secures safety guards installed around machinery. Not only does it ensure the guards remain in place, but it also allows for the quick and easy removal and reinstallation of the panels.

Keep in mind that not all clamps of this type are the same. One of the best on the market today is the Smart Wedge Clamp. You can install your guard with it in just 15 seconds or less. It also has a pivoting design without any loose parts. That makes it easier to open and close guard panels. This also always provides a place for the guard to slide onto.

For enhanced durability, the manufacturer of this wedge lock clamp offers it in stainless steel or zinc. One other benefit that everyone appreciates is that it eliminates the repetitive motions of loosening and tightening fasteners. When you buy a Smart Wedge Clamp, you’ll receive the clamp itself, as well as nut, lock, washer, and cable tie.

The Right Way to Use a Wedge Clamp Safely

For starters, you want to purchase a wedge lock clamp from a reputable source. That way, an expert can help you choose the appropriate type. Using the Smart Wedge Clamp as an example, this comes in six unique options. These include:

1. 3/8-inch – 16 NC x 1-inch long – Stainless Steel

2. 3/8-inch – 16 NC x 1-inch long – Zinc Coated

3. 1/2-inch – 13 NC x 1-inch long – Stainless Steel

4. 1/2-inch – 13 NC x 1-inch long – Zinc Coated

5. 1/2-inch – 13 NC x 1 1/2-inch long – Zinc Coated

6. Weld-on – Zinc - Threadless

Although using a wedge clamp is easy, you still need to put the guarding on it the right way. Here are the steps required.

1. Start with the clamp in the fully opened position

2. Next, slide the guard panel opening onto the wedge lock clamp

3. Finally, make sure the clamp is completely closed

There’s one important thing to consider when using a Smart Wedge Clamp, or any wedge lock clamp, for that matter. Manufacturing companies must follow strict rules and regulations to stay compliant. Otherwise, they risk getting heavy fines and even having production shut down.

Compliance rules even apply to a Smart Wedge Clamp. So, please pay close attention to this. According to ANSI B11 and Canadian Regulatory Standards CSA Z432-16, you must install some type of device, like a cable tie, through a wedge lock clamp while it’s in the closed position. By using a tool to break the cable tie to be able to remove the guard, it satisfies the requirements for “a tool to remove”.

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