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Drive Guards

Drive guards

If you are in need of effective and durable chain drive guards and belt drive guards, Belt Conveyor Guarding is your go-to source. Both types of drive guards prevent access to the danger zones of conveyors and other rotating equipment. Those include areas of moving parts and pinch-points. To keep your workers safe, it's important to install a drive guard.

A simple injury can lead to serious challenges. Along with liability for the injured worker, you could face a production shutdown. Even halting production for the short period of time might have a significant effect on revenue and customer satisfaction.

To boost your company's safety, BCG provides chain drive guards and belt drive guards.

Key benefits of bcg drive guards

  • Easy Installation and Maintenance - Our chain and belt drive guards are easy-to-install and maintain. You can have them in place quickly and without investing a lot of effort. These guards are also easy-to-reposition if needed.
  • Quality Construction - Typically, we manufacture drive guards from heavy-duty steel. However, for environments prone to corrosion, we also offer a stainless steel option. Either way, we enhance product durability by applying a powder coat finish.
  • Compliant - All of our chain and belt drive guards are compliant with current North American safety standards. From the minute of installation, you can focus on operations rather than compliance issues.