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Safety Signs and Decals

Safety Signs and Decals visually enhance your Machine Guarding safety procedures and guarding protocols. Furthermore, it is possible to fasten them to existing guards in order to warn of potential dangers. As a result, it constantly reminds workers to stay safe.
Resistance to damage and increased lifespan achieved due to vinyl decals lamination.

Safety Signs and Decals details:



  • Resistant to damage and have an increased lifespan because of lamination.
  • Measure 5″ x 7″
  • Can be placed on new or existing guarding
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When in the market for machine and conveyor guarding solutions, you want the best. That requires a product that keeps workers safe, is easy to install, and is compliant with North American safety standards. Also, you will need quality accessories such as the Smart Wedge Clamp.

Belt Conveyor Guarding, a leader among guarding and industrial fasteners manufacturers, has an impressive product lineup. We provide guarding and accessories that enhance workplace safety. Relying on one source for both products types as opposed to getting them from several industrial fastener suppliers is convenient and will reduce costs.

As one of the most trusted guarding and industrial fasteners manufacturers, we strive to come up with innovative designs to enhance safety. That includes using materials that improve product durability and extend life. To accomplish this goal, we zinc plate our wedge clamp and offer a stainless-steel option.

Safety Signs and Decals
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