Safety Guarding Accessories

Safety Signs and Decals

Safety Signs and Decals visually enhance your Machine Guarding safety procedures and guarding protocols. Furthermore, it is possible to fasten them to existing guards in order to warn of potential dangers. As a result, it constantly reminds workers to stay safe.
Resistance to damage and increased lifespan achieved due to vinyl decals lamination.

Safety Signs and Decals details:



  • Resistant to damage and have an increased lifespan because of lamination.
  • Measure 5″ x 7″
  • Can be placed on new or existing guarding
Safety Signs and Decals
31912S, 31915S, 31916S, 31917S, 31918S, 31914S, 31913S, 31924S, 31912D, 31915D, 31916D, 31917D, 31918D, 31914D, 31913D, 31924D
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