Modular Barrier Guards

Modular Barrier Guards

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Modular Barrier Guards

Install self-supporting industrial modular safety barrier guards and modular machine guards that are custom-designed for a variety of rotating equipment. Inquire now.

Protect workers by installing self-supporting Modular Barrier Guards that are custom designed for a variety of rotating equipment and conveyor hazard zones.

Modular Barrier Guards are commonly used to safeguard the Tail Pulley Sections & Gravity Take-ups on Conveyors.

Main benefits to our Modular Barrier Guards:

  • Self-supporting structure
  • Customized for each application
  • As a result, no welding or cutting required
  • Easily handled by one person (all components weigh less than 50 lbs.). Therefore, guards remove in seconds for equipment access
  • Handles: Ergonomically friendly handles for easy removal of the guard
  • Smart Wedge Clamps: Eliminate the repetitive motion of tightening and loosening fasteners
  • Service/Inspection Doors: Eliminate the need to remove the entire guard to access a specific area of the equipment
  • Access Doors: Full entry to key areas (when proper procedures are in place)
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