Smart Wedge Clamps

Smart Wedge Clamps


Smart Wedge Clamps

Belt Conveyor Guarding: As an industrial fasteners manufacturer and supplier, we offer smart wedge lock clamps and wedge clamp connector that allows to easily remove and reinstall safety guards. Inquire now.

The NEW Smart Wedge Clamp is a Machine Safety Guarding Fastener that you never have to remove but, also, allows to easily remove and reinstall safety guards.


  • Install and remove guards using Wedge Clamps in less than 15 seconds
  • Zinc Plated for durability (stainless steel available)
  • Eliminate the repetitive motion of tightening and loosening fasteners
  • Assembly includes a Smart Wedge Clamp, nut, lock, washer and cable tie
  • Our new design allows the cable tie to force the wedge closed, ensuring the fastener is tight


Please Note: A cable tie or other device MUST be installed through Wedge Clamps in the “closed” position to ensure compliance with ANSI B11.19-2010 sec. 7.2.6 and Canadian Regulatory Standards (CSA Z432-16 sec. that require a “tool to remove”.

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