keeping you and your workers safe


bulk material handling guarding products

At Belt Conveyor Guarding, we provide customers with a variety of machine safety guarding. Our bulk material handling guarding keeps workers safe from danger zones.

key benefits of our product lineup

All of our machine safety guarding offers tremendous benefits that go beyond worker safety.

easy installation

The innovative design of our rotating equipment guarding solutions simplifies installation.

  • Available in standard and custom sizes (filed fitting isn't required for our custom bulk material handling guarding)
  • Seamless mounting options to work around obstructions
  • Lightweight fabrication for enhanced maneuverability

Easy maintenance

Performing maintenance on our machine safety guards is also easy.

  • Individual panels that you can remove in seconds for quick equipment access
  • Interchangeable standard-sized guards

Superior Construction

We use only high-quality materials for our rotating equipment guarding solutions. That, combined with outstanding workmanship and an innovative design, is why customers trust our guarding products.

  • Heavy-duty steel construction (available in stainless steel for corrosive areas)
  • Powder-coating for increased durability


We provide compliant bulk material handling guarding solutions.

  • Meets OSHA, MSHA, and Canadian Safety Standards
  • BCG's safety guards are also compliant with ANSI B11.19-2010 performance requirements. That includes design, construction, installation, operation, and maintenance

Additional benefits of bcg's rotating equipment guarding

BCG's machine safety guarding provides customers with several additional benefits. Overall, they help to streamline operations by saving time and reducing effort.

  • Ergonomic guard handles for easy lifting and repositioning, and thereby, fewer workplace injuries
  • Uniquely designed smart wedge clamps to easily tighten and loosen fasteners
  • Service/inspection and hinged access/entry doors that eliminate the need to remove the entire guard
  • Convenient hangers to safeguard machine safety guards during the maintenance process
  • With clear visibility, there's no need to remove the guard for inspections
  • Weight labels create a visual cue of our rotating equipment guarding before lifting
  • Convenient laser-cut identification when performing maintenance