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Flat Guards

Flat Guards

Belt Conveyor Guarding has more than 30 years of history providing customers with cutting-edge safety guarding products. Its portfolio includes wire mesh guard. This guarding solution prevents workers from coming into contact with pinch-points associated with conveyor applications and rotating equipment.

Also referred as "flat guards", these wire mesh guards play a vital role in preventing accidents. Just one incident could lead to multiple problems. To avoid production shutdowns, citations, and hefty fines, it pays to install flat guards.

We consider multiple factors when designing and developing wire mesh guards. While safety is paramount, we also focus on providing customers with products that are easy-to-use, versatile, and cost-effective.

Key benefits of our mesh guarding panels

  • Easy Installation - We manufacture machine guarding panels that make the installation process quick and easy. Typically, you would install these panels with smart wedge clamps, although other options exist. Due to the innovative design of our mesh guarding panels, it also takes little time and effort to reposition them.
  • No-fuss Machine Maintenance - Unfortunately, some welded wire mesh panels on the market make machine maintenance difficult. We came up with a solution for this with our wire mesh machine guards. These have convenient service and hinged access doors. So, you don't have to remove the entire guard to perform maintenance.
  • Outstanding Construction - We understand that every customer is unique. For that reason, we offer guards in both standard and custom sizes. You can also choose between a machine guard wire mesh that's manufactured from heavy-duty steel or stainless steel for corrosive areas. Either way, we powder-coat our flat guards for enhanced durability.
  • Compliant - Our mesh guarding panels meet current safety standards. That includes OSHA and MSHA in the USA and Canadian Safety Standards. Our safety guards are also compliant with ANSI-B11.19.2010 performance requirements.

With innovative, ergonomic, and maintenance-friendly features, it's hard to beat the machine guarding panels that we provide at Belt Conveyor Guarding.