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4 Considerations When Choosing Machine Guards


Raquel Stroher

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September 15, 2021

With moving parts, machines can cause serious injury and worse. This is why current safety laws and regulations mandate the installation of guards. So, for a company to stay compliant, they choose the product that works best, whether flat guards or perhaps a wire mesh guard.

Selecting the Appropriate Machine Guards

To protect your workers, as well as your business, it’s important to purchase the appropriate type of machine guarding panels. The following considerations will make the decision-making process easier.

1. Specific Hazards and Safety Regulations

The hazards within your organization aren’t necessarily the same for another company that operates machines. The same goes for safety regulations. So, you need to identify the specific things that apply to your business.

First, to determine hazards, you need to know the dimension and distance between an operator and a machine. With that, you can select the appropriate machine guarding panels, again, whether flat guards or perhaps a wire mesh guard. Second, carefully review the safety regulations outlined by OSHA, MSHA and CSA for the types of machines involved. That’ll give you a much better understanding of specific risks.

2. Design and Manufacturing Processes

To gain insight into the design and manufacturing processes for guarding panels doesn’t mean you need to become an expert. However, a little bit of knowledge, combined with what you learn about MSHA, OSHA and CSA regulations, will make it easier for you to choose between superior and subpar products.

Take a wire mesh guard as an example. By learning more about the design and manufacturing processes, you’ll know what’s considered the best materials, the strongest and most reliable wire gauge, the most effective weaving process, and so on. All of that will help you choose the best protection for your workers.

3. Customization

For companies that operate machines to stay compliant with current safety laws and regulations, they must have guards installed. Due to this mandate, you’ll find guards in a broad range of sizes. However, for a machine that doesn’t fit the standard mold, be sure you look for manufacturers who can customize guards accordingly. Since a wire mesh guard is so customizable and diverse, it’s often an excellent solution.

4. Customer Service and Support

Even the level of customer service and support provided by a manufacturer matters when choosing machine guarding panels. For one thing, you want to work with a reputable source that can assist you during the buying phase. For another, select a manufacturer that offers support after you buy a guard in case you have questions or run into problems.

Outstanding Machine Guarding Solutions

Belt Conveyor Guarding is a leading source for flat guards, a wire mesh guard, and other types of machine guarding panels. For help making the right choice, call us and we’ll gladly guide you through the process.