Safety Guarding 101

How Fixed Machine Guards Help Keep Workers Safe


Raquel Stroher

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December 10, 2021

Regardless of a company’s type or size, if it operates machinery with rotating parts, it needs to install machine safety guards.

OSHA requires industrial machine guarding for all rotating equipment where someone can get pulled into and get injured or worse. Unfortunately, this safety measure also ranks among the top 10 for getting the most citations. In other words, the businesses that should have guards in place either don’t, they’re not installed correctly, or they’re just not compliant.

The regulations for machine guarding in Canada and the U.S. are much the same. The goal throughout North America is to prevent accidents and incidents that could cause serious injury and even death. 

Use Fixed Machine Safety Guards to Protect Workers

When placed in front of or around machines, they serve as a protective barrier. Ultimately, industrial machine guarding prevents anyone from coming into contact with rotating parts. That includes not only limbs but also any type of loose clothing, hair, or jewelry. These guards keep workers away from power transmission equipment, as well.

Buying a Quality Product

To get the best protection from machine safety guards, it’s important to purchase a quality product from a reputable source. Industrial machine guarding has unique solutions for each application.

Types of Industrial Machine Guarding

For this particular safety product, you can choose from four primary options. These include fixed, adjustable, interlocked, and self-adjusting. Regardless of the type of guarding that you need to install, it must conform to or even surpass current safety regulations.

This will dramatically lessen the risk of injury or worse. Installing guards will also keep your company compliant with applicable laws and regulations.

Turn to Experts for Assistance

For personalized service, contact a representative from Belt Conveyor Guarding today. The individual you speak with will gather all pertinent information to provide the best industrial machine guarding solution for your application. Considering how important this decision is, you want to work with someone who has years of experience and vast knowledge of fixed machine guarding in Canada and the US.