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Improve Workplace Safety with Modular Safety Barriers


Raquel Stroher

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September 8, 2021

Every company considers safety paramount. However, this takes on an entirely new meaning for certain work environments. For instance, warehouses, factories, processing plants, material handling facilities, and other similar businesses use machinery and equipment as part of their daily operations. That dramatically increases the risk of injury. Fortunately, multiple solutions exist, including modular safety barriers.

The last thing you want is for someone to sustain an injury or worse. That’s bad enough. However, a workplace accident or incident often leads to additional problems. It can increase the cost of liability insurance, delay or shut down production, diminish worker morale and confidence, and damage a company’s reputation.

Install Modular Barrier Guards to Enhance Workplace Safety

An excellent way to make your company healthier and safer is by installing industrial safety barriers. Here are a few of the many benefits that modular safety barriers provide.

Define Designated Areas

While this works for all types of equipment, it’s particularly beneficial for heavy machinery. You can use the guards to designate areas where heavy equipment operators work, as well as pathways for non-operators.

Separation Mechanism

Modular barrier guards also separate employees and non-employees from moving machinery and equipment. Even with blinking red or yellow lights, beeping sounds, and other safety features, some people don’t notice moving machinery.

Not only is it critical to separate your workers who aren’t operators from moving equipment but also any outside visitors who aren’t familiar with the work environment.

Enhanced Awareness

Industrial safety barriers create more safety awareness for employees and visitors alike. Whether a worker, contractor, or visitor, the sight of a barrier will make them pause. Immediately, they’ll understand they can’t go into a specific area or they must stay within the confines of the designated pathway.

Better Equipment Protection

The primary purpose of installing modular barrier guards is to keep people safe. However, they also protect equipment. Considering the high cost of machinery and equipment, you want to do everything possible to prevent something from getting damaged.

Say you have an operator trying to move a piece of heavy equipment. However, that individual must carefully maneuver tight spaces. You can have industrial safety barriers installed to serve as guides.

Mandated by Safety Laws and Regulations

MSHA, OSHA and CSA have strict rules on what companies can and cannot do. For your business to stay compliant and therefore, operational, there’s a good chance you need to have modular safety barriers installed. If you don’t comply, expect to get penalized.

Superior Quality and Cost-Effective Safety Solutions

Instead of worrying about the safety of your workers and visitors, contact us at Belt Conveyor Guarding. We have amazing products to include industrial safety barriers to better protect your company and keep it compliant.