Safety Guarding 101

Safety Guarding 101


Raquel Stroher

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January 4, 2021

Thousands of workers die at work each year. One of the many causes of those fatalities is a lack of proper safety guarding. The blog post you are about to read explains the importance of Safety Guarding in details. You will find the top 3 reasons why machine safety guards are vital for every organization, which utilizes rotating equipment.
Custom V-Belt Guard
Custom V-Belt Guard

Why Safety Guarding is Important?

There are three main reasons why it is vital to safe guard every piece of equipment in your facility.

  • Safety guarding keeps workers safe. Period!
    This is the first and most important reason to have safety guards in place. Very often workers underestimate their reaction time as well as the consequences of being in contact with rotating equipment. Many of them will say that there is an emergency pull cord available, which is going to stop the machine.

    However, if we look at a belt conveyor travelling 400 feet/minute and an average reaction time of .25 seconds, in the time it will take a person to pull an emergency pull cord - they will be drawn into the rotating hazard 1.6 feet or 19.2 inches. The results can be fatal. 

  • Our workplaces are changing.
    As baby boomer generation retires and is replaced by a smaller pool of "baby bust" workers, it becomes challenging for many companies to find and retain great employees. New millennials entering the workforce nowadays expect employers to have programs that support both mental and physical wellness, a corporate culture that fosters a healthy and positive environment between employees and employers as well as compliant, ergonomic and maintenance-friendly guarding.

    In other words, the next generation is not only better educated on regulations and the need for safety guarding, but they also expecting it! Corporate leaders need to adapt in order to win the "war for talent" and achieve true "work-life balance". It is all about recognizing the strategic importance and value that comes from having an engaged and responsive workforce and nurturing an organization that firmly supports work-life balance.

  • Proper safety guards make organization compliant with regulations.
    Let's talk money. Safety guarding making it to OSHA's annual list of top 10 safety violations since 2009 and 2019 was not an exception. It means that significant fines and penalties were applied by agencies such as MSHA, OSHA and CSA. Believe us, those fines together with ruined reputation cost way more than properly installed and compliant safety guarding. 

    Often workers ask us if there is a way to check whether their existing guards are compliant since they were installed a long time ago. To address this question, BCG has come up with a Safety Gauge. It is a helpful tool to verify machine safety guard compliance. Safety Gauge is absolutely free of charge and will be delivered by mail. You can find details on how to use Safety Gauge by clicking this link.

Thus, safety guarding is your first line of defense against a mechanical accident and is the most effective means of protecting workers from hazards around rotating equipment. It is a vital tool for physically preventing workers from contacting dangerous areas unless it is physically removed. Always remember that safety guards save lives!

Who Are We?

Belt Conveyor Guarding is a manufacturer of premium safety guarding for existing bulk material handling equipment. For 30 years BCG helps companies all over North America to keep their workers safe by providing compliant, ergonomic and user-friendly guarding! Our company specializes on modern innovative guarding that goes beyond just being compliant and add value by making equipment maintenance fast and hassle-free.

Not sure where to start or which guard is suitable for your specific application? Our team of experienced and knowledgeable professionals will answer all of your technical questions and recommend the best possible solution.

By giving Belt Conveyor Guarding an opportunity to work on your guarding project, you choose to join hundreds of customers, who are already saving thousands of dollars annually and keeping workers safe at the same time. Contact us and start saving today!