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Tips for Maintaining Industrial Ladder Safety


Raquel Stroher

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September 1, 2021

For warehouses, factories, manufacturing plants, production facilities, and order fulfillment centers, workplace safety is paramount. As expected, that includes taking the appropriate measures to prevent employees and guests alike from sustaining injuries or worse. One solution involves using ladder guards.

A ladder safety guard is an innovative device that creates a barrier to keep unauthorized individuals from gaining access to ladders in restricted areas. This safety measure plays a critical role in keeping employees safe. It also does the same for people who don’t work in a facility or have the required approval to be in a specific area.

Scenarios in Which Ladder Guards Prevent Accidents

To better understand how a custom ladder guard prevents accidents for non-employees, consider these scenarios:

Facility Tours

Often, companies give tours of their facilities to outsiders. One example is a coffee processing and packaging factory. First, scheduled tours are a smart marketing strategy. Second, they can get people interested in one or more of the jobs performed. A company representative usually serves as a guide for these tours.

The challenge is that certain areas pose risks. A mezzanine and aisle of stacked pallets that require workers to use a ladder are two examples. Unfortunately, there’s always the chance of a visitor wandering off out of curiosity or getting separated from the group only to end up in a restricted area. This is when a ladder safety guard prevents accidents.

With a custom ladder guard in place, non-employees can’t climb to another level. So, that eliminates the possibility of a bad fall.

Take Your Child to Work Day

The “Take Your Child to Work Day” is something that both parents and children look forward to. That includes moms and dads who work in the types of facilities mentioned. Even with the best of intentions to never let their child out of their eyes, kids can slip away quickly. Especially young children who don’t understand workplace danger.

Ladder guards prevent kids from climbing to a potentially unsafe area. As young individuals, they wouldn’t have to fall a great distance to sustain a very serious injury.

Risks to the Company

A ladder safety guard provides employees with a safe work environment. Beyond that, it’s also an excellent way to protect people who visit a facility. Without a guard, a company would experience a host of consequences.

  • Legal liability
  • Damaged company reputation
  • Delayed production
  • Loss of revenue
  • Cease holding of special programs such as facility tours and Take Your Child to Work Day

We Can Help You Get Custom Ladder Guard for Your Organization

A ladder safety guard helps ensure that employees and visitors alike stay safe when in the work area. For a custom solution that fits your specific needs, contact us at Belt Conveyor Guarding today.