Safety Guarding 101

Why Ladder Guards are a Necessity


Raquel Stroher

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November 17, 2021

A simple fall from a ladder used around the house could have devastating results. So, just imagine the possible threat level when using a ladder in an industrial environment. Not only do they reach greater heights, but often they lead to potentially dangerous areas. Since safety is paramount, companies depend on ladder guards.

A reputable company will install a ladder safety guard for the sole reason that it respects its workers and wants to keep them safe. However, the government also mandates this type of protective device. So, all manufacturing or production companies must use guards or face the consequences of not complying with regulations.

Why It’s Important to Install a Custom Ladder Guard

The leading sources of ladder guards keep many standard sizes in stock. However, due to an environment’s size and configuration, or even the location of the area a worker needs to reach, some companies need a unique product. So, they can have a custom ladder guard made to ensure optimal protection and safety.

Besides authorized employees, a ladder safety guard keeps unauthorized workers and non-employees from climbing or reaching restricted areas. For example, say a food processing company offers tours to outside groups. With a guard in place, it doesn’t have to worry about a visitor getting hurt. Simply put, the guard is for the safety of all people, not just employees and contractors.

As mentioned, the primary reason that a company has either a standard or custom safety guard installed has to do with staying compliant with the law. OSHA, HSE, and other governing agencies enforce strict rules and regulations. Not adhering to them could lead to hefty fines and even operational shutdown.

Tremendous Benefits of Ladder Guards

To reap all the benefits that a ladder safety guard provides, it starts by selecting the right product and installing it correctly. Also, managers must provide workers with training. That should include who’s authorized to climb ladders, when they can and can’t use them, and how to ascend and descend to prevent accidents.

To gain a better appreciation as to why a standard or custom safety guard is essential, consider a report issued in 2019 by the HSE. It included critical data taken from extensive research studies. One of the main takeaways is that when it comes to industrial environments, falling from height caused the greatest number of fatalities. Then, you need to factor in all the people who sustained serious injuries.

Buying a Quality Ladder Safety Guard from a Trusted Source

For a standard or custom safety guard designed for ladders, as well as other guards for different machinery, contact Belt Conveyor Guarding. All our safety products meet the current safety standards. Our guards keep companies compliant, but most importantly, they protect employees and non-employees alike.